About as close as I get to a Xmas song

Happened to hear this, this morning, on one of our local country[ish] radio stations. Hadn’t heard it in a spell.

Woody’s son, Arlo, still has one of Woody’s guitars that says “This machine kills fascists” – which is about the best thing about the kind of music I sang and played back in the day. Woody was an inspiration to us all.

So, if you have a friend who is a modern-day Christian American Republican, play this song for them and ask whether or not this kind of Christianity is too old-fashioned for them?

2 thoughts on “About as close as I get to a Xmas song

  1. E Trams says:

    I guess it’s true history does repeat itself. How many names throughout history could replace Jesus’s in this song. Maybe the readers of this blog would like to contribute those names…

    I’ll start, John F. Kennedy.

  2. K B says:

    Perfect illustration of why I don’t reject myth out-of-hand. Too easy. Too junior-high. Myth can be used to communicate a message. Those with a brain will realize that you are not being literal. Those without a brain… why would you worry about those?

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