Congressional Dem shot, six dead in attack on community meeting

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot at a Tucson event Saturday morning; five others have been reportedly killed.

Arizona state Sen. Linda Lopez, who is at University Medical Center in Tucson, said she spoke to Giffords’ parents and that they said she is in the emergency room undergoing surgery and is in very serious condition…

At least four people are dead, University Medical Center spokesman Darci Slaten said. They were among five to seven people who were being treated.

The NBC affilliate in Tucson reports that the FBI has taken over the investigation…

Giffords, 40, a Democrat, serves the 8th Congressional District…

Giffords was re-elected to her third term last November. She was a member of the Arizona House and Senate before coming to Washington.

She first won election to Congress amid a wave of Democratic victories in 2006. In November, she edged a tea party favorite.

There never is a shortage of violent, ignorant thugs in this land who fervently believe they can enforce their political will upon the land by force of arms, assault and murder.

UPDATE: Jared Laughner is the name of the shooter, an Arizona resident.

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