Pepsi drank the KoolAid

Click on the Frito-Lay graphic to see the advert

The advertising executives behind Doritos and Pepsi Max have been trying to create buzz with their “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, in which user-submitted ads for each product would compete via public vote to be shown during the big game, with potential prizes up to a million dollars for the winners.

Unfortunately, the Pepsi products’ competition has fallen under the public eye for the wrong reason — one of the candidate ads offended Catholics.

The ad, entitled “Feed the Flock,” features a priest using Doritos and Pepsi as replacements for the wafer and wine that are normally part of the Eucharist.

Probably better for you than the original tasty bits.

4 thoughts on “Pepsi drank the KoolAid

  1. Morey says:

    The idea that Christian churches would take offense to the commercial is humorous if for no other reason than that food has been used as a matter of habit to get people into the church.

    A Baptist minister once suggested to me, only half in jest, that his church should serve fried chicken on Sunday morning– because it was so effective getting people to church on Wednesday night.

    Additionally, there’s nothing quite like a hot meal to get a homeless man to do anything you ask– including turning his heart over to Jesus.

    The truth hurts.

  2. ivonne says:

    cute add…I think the Catholic Church has a lot more to worry about than a commercial. At the same time, on another level this comercial does touch on the fact that the Church is losing it’s members…..

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