Police manage to crash hundreds of times in their own car parks

Officers in Staffordshire have reported 147 accidents involving vehicles in their own police station car parks between April, 2008 and December, 2010 while Cheshire Police have managed 91 crashes in their car parks in the same period.

The list of incidents included a police vehicle crashing into a post causing £2,149 damage; a police car crashing into a wall causing £1,450 damage and a patrol van hitting a car park height restriction barrier causing £1,069 damage.

The combined estimated damage for the forces is £115,784, though the final figures may be adjusted by insurers…

Staffordshire’s £83,902 estimate included injuries or damage to vehicles or property within the car parks, as well as 32 more accidents which involved slips, trips and falls.

Now some officers have been told to improve their driving standards.

What about the accidents where they seem to fall down just while walking about? Do they know how to tie their own shoelaces?

One thought on “Police manage to crash hundreds of times in their own car parks

  1. E Trams says:

    Lives are often completely destroyed when police officers make a mistake. And “mistake” is quite frankly too soft a noun to describe such a police action.

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