Merseyside primary school says Nerf-balls only!

Huyton’s Malvern Primary School in Merseyside has decided that exposing pupils to leather and plastic footballs during breaktimes is too dangerous.

Using a February newsletter to remind parents of the policy, the school stressed that the only balls not deemed a health hazard which can be brought into school are those made from sponge.

Yesterday anti-obesity campaigners said the “stupid” rule was at odds with Huyton’s reputation of producing a string of footballing greats including Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool captain…

The school defended the sponge-only ball rule, stressing it had a duty to protect pupils of all ages.

But Tam Fry, chairman of obesity prevention charity the Child Growth Foundation, branded the stance “stupid”. He said: “Children must be exposed to risk otherwise how can they be expected to learn.

“Schools should be places to learn. It may think it is protecting the children but they could just as easily fall over playing with a sponge ball.

Policies like this mean our children are in danger of becoming cocooned cotton buds.”

Nanny state world leadership still apparently belongs to the Brits.

We ain’t far behind in the States; but, this is a winner. Or rather – a decision for non-winners.

One thought on “Merseyside primary school says Nerf-balls only!

  1. Morey says:

    One of my biggest complaints about churches was always that they fit their members with bigger and bigger diapers as they grow into adults, into old age, to the end of their very lives.

    When governments do the same thing, few notice the similarities.

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