Who’s sillier? Lady Gaga or the Westminster Council?

Pop singer Lady Gaga has threatened to sue a specialist ice cream parlour in London for naming its breast milk ice cream “Baby Gaga,” the shop’s owner said on Wednesday.

Matt O’Connor, founder of The Icecreamists in London’s Covent Garden, said he had received a letter from Lady Gaga’s lawyers informing him that the singer planned to sue him over the name…

O’Connor denied the flamboyant singer — whose meat dress and other strange outfits have promoted her quirky image and delighted her fans — had inspired the name he chose for the dessert made from breast milk blended with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest.

“It’s just the first noise a baby makes — it’s nothing to do with anyone else,” he said, adding that he was working on a response to the letter.

London’s Westminster Council briefly confiscated supplies of “Baby Gaga” ice cream last week on health concerns, but gave it the all-clear on Wednesday…

O’Connor told Reuters he was considering taking legal action against the council for reputational damage.

“They made the damaging assertion that breast milk ice cream isn’t safe,” he said, adding that it was an overreaction to the safest food in the world.

Add a lawyer into any economic or political equation and you can almost be assured of losing touch with reality.

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