130 illegals arrested – with a history of illegal activity

In a three-day law enforcement sweep in Northern Virginia, immigration authorities arrested 130 foreign nationals with criminal records, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced Wednesday.

“If you’re committing crimes here in our communities and you’re here unlawfully, it’s time for you to go home,” said the agency’s director, John Morton. He said 76 of the 130 arrested had multiple criminal convictions and 10 of them had previously been deported and returned illegally to the United States.

The majority of those arrested in the latest edition of what the agency calls Operation Cross Check are illegal immigrants, Morton said. But some were here legally, he said, although he could not provide a specific number. Morton indicated their legal status could be in jeopardy depending on the seriousness of their crimes.

A news release issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement said at least four legal residents were among those arrested, and it listed past convictions for such crimes as sexual assault, grand larceny and abuse and neglect of children.

According to agency officials, the people caught in the sweep, which ended Tuesday, have past convictions for rape, assault, burglary, drug possession and other crimes. Eight fugitives also were arrested during the roundup, as well as 21 people who do not have criminal convictions but are in the United States illegally…

The director said his agency is paying serious attention to DUI offenses but focuses its resources on the most serious offenders, such as alleged murderers and rapists. “But we’re all about trying to identify and remove everyone who is committing crime and here unlawfully,” Morton said.

Of course if you live in a town like Santa Fe, you’re breaking the law by attempting to catch lawbreakers who also happen to be illegal immigrants.

Yup. Local ordnance is muy simpatico to undocumentados. Maybe more so than they are to local coppers who get the flak when someone ends up back on the streets who is wanted for crimes more serious that which prompted arrest in Santa Fe.

One thought on “130 illegals arrested – with a history of illegal activity

  1. E Trams says:

    I am totally not surprised to see Santa Fe harbouring illegals. They have for decades. The Judicial there predetermines verdicts before cases are heard by weighing in the defendents last name. The place is an inbred cesspool which allows individuals to get off according to who they are related too. Makes sense that illegals with Spanish surnames should be included. Ultimately Santa Fe harbouring illegals and New Mexico distributing them drivers license has and will continue to cause the United States major national security dilemas. The selfishness and ignorance of Santa Fe and New Mexico’s actions ruins lives. I used to love the place but it has become detrimental to the Nation’s health. The FBI and Justice Department need to clean the place up and incarcerate all illegals.

    For an interesting view of the crime and corruption that has revolving doors judicially there are websites than one can google which provide reference.

    And btw, the Feds should take down the corrupt politicians first in New Mexico…they are the top “illegals”.

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