Homes in flood-hit Grantham moving to higher ground

The Queensland Government says a master plan will be finalised this weekend to rebuild the Lockyer Valley town of Grantham in the state’s southern region. Premier Anna Bligh says it was one of towns worst affected by flooding this summer.

Ms Bligh has told Parliament that Grantham will be the first to be declared a special area under the Queensland Reconstruction Authority legislation, speeding up planning and building processes.

She says a few residents want to leave the area, others want to rebuild where they are, but many want to move to a different part of town. “About half of those affected have indicated they want to relocate to higher ground in Grantham,” she said…

Ms Bligh says there will be no forced relocations when Grantham is rebuilt.

“These powers will be used to accelerate voluntary relocations and voluntary land swaps, so that those who want to relocate to higher ground can do so,” she said…

Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones says most residents want to build on higher ground, but the plan will cater for everyone…

“… we’re intending to offer an option to people who wish to move to higher land and re-establish and that’s a very big part of the master plan.”

A wee bit faster than Katrina, eh?

One thought on “Homes in flood-hit Grantham moving to higher ground

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