“Too ill to walk” – and caught on film skydiving

Claire Jones, 38, of Tonypandy, in the Rhondda Valley, south Wales, had claimed poor health left her unable to cook or even chop vegetables herself. In reality, she used a gym and went dancing with her partner and earned cash working in cafés…

An undercover investigation was launched by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) after an anonymous tip-off. It found Jones regularly checked into the fitness suite at her local leisure centre and used the gym, swimming pool and sauna.

She did a skydiving jump at Swansea Airport in October 2008 to raise cash for a cancer charity, Jonathan Holmes of the DWP told the court.

Investigators got their hands on a copy of the souvenir DVD presented to every skydiver who takes the 12,000ft plunge. It shows Jones lugging the heavy paraphernalia of a parachute on to a plane then doing a tandem jump with a professional…

Jones appeared in court today to admit two charges of failing to notify the authorities of a change in circumstances. The charges covered a period from April 2008 to August 2010.

Over that time she was given disability living allowance at the highest level and also received incapacity benefit for a bad back. She dishonestly claimed £6,016. About £900 had since been reclaimed by docking benefits she was still legitimately receiving.


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