Footballer sent off for dangerous haircut

An Australian Rules footballer sporting a spiky mohawk was sent off for having a dangerous haircut in a minor league match near Melbourne last weekend.

Nathan Van Someren was shown a yellow card during the third quarter of his team Simpson’s game against Otway Districts in the Colac and District Football League.

“Before the game the umpire said that I could not play with my hair like that. He told me it was dangerous,” Van Someren told the Geelong Advertiser. “We all thought that he was taking the mickey out of me. A few umpires have made jokes about my hair before, so I didn’t think any more of it.

“I played a bit in the first and second quarters and then I was yellow carded.”

Van Someren, 25, said he had no intention of changing his hairstyle and league officials later ruled he should not have been punished.

“The Colac umpires … have acknowledged that it was an incorrect interpretation of the rule that really refers to prohibited items,” Gerard Ryan, local umpiring chief, told the Warrnambool Standard.

Some referees – in more than one sport – think they are little tin gods.

They should leave that role to politicians and traffic cops where it belongs.

3 thoughts on “Footballer sent off for dangerous haircut

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    Some referees – in more than one sport – think they are little tin gods.

    As much as I wish to argue you are wrong, looking back I have to agree there have been too many officials that made bad calls and refused to accept any rule book interpretation that they might have erred. More than a few times they have favored one team over another.

    Last weekend my 11 y/o was pitching. She only started 6 weeks ago. She throws hard and was getting strikes. We were ahead 11-2 when she came into the game. After striking out the first two kids the strike zone got a lot smaller. When it was our turn to bat, that strike zone got even larger than normal.

    The game was never in doubt and she got the win. But the umpire’s action let a few more kids have a turn at bat. It allowed them to get on base and score. It made some parents have a moment to watch their runty little daughter do well. And so it was good.

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