Sex party with hookers rewards German insurance salesmen

A German insurance firm has admitted rewarding its 100 best salesmen with a prostitute-filled “sex party” in Budapest’s most famous thermal baths.

Hamburg-Mannheimer International (HMI), now part of the huge Munich Re insurance conglomerate, rented out the historic Gellert Baths in the Hungarian capital and turned it into an “open-air brothel”, where it let staff run riot.

At least 20 prostitutes were hired by HMI top brass for the so-called “incentive trip”. According to those present, the women were colour-coded to indicate which men were allowed to have sex with them. Those wearing white ribbons were reserved for “the very best salespeople and executives”, said one HMI employee.

After an investigation printed in the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Munich Re has admitted that the party – described in one German magazine as “Bunga-Bunga in Budapest” – did occur…

“The women wore red and yellow ribbons,” one guest told Handelsblatt. “Some were there just as hostesses; the others made clear with the colour of their ribbon that they weren’t just there to chat.”

Then there were women wearing white ribbons. They, allegedly, were reserved for the “best of the best” in the company.

Another guest said that beds had been set up around the baths where the salesmen could “do what they wanted”. The women, he claimed, were then given an ink stamp on their forearms to show how popular they had been: some of the women ended up with more than a dozen stamps, it is alleged.

Maybe European insurance salesmen are mutants from the American breed. Most of the domestic species I ever met haven’t progressed beyond the Benjamin Franklin close.

Was this somehow influenced by the internationalization of traditional German industries? Or has this level of sleaze been around all along and existed in disguise like Family Values are used in American politics?

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