Now we know why Obama “caved in” to the birthers

Obama  birth certificate

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is having some fun — and raising some money — from a flap over whether Obama was born in the United States.

The Obama campaign is offering a “Made in the USA” T-shirt emblazoned with the president’s birth certificate in exchange for a $30 donation. There are coffee mugs as well.

Some Republicans [and other dipshits] have theorized Obama was born in Kenya, birthplace of his father, instead of Hawaii.

Obama ignored the accusations until wealthy real estate magnate Donald Trump made the “birther” issue a central part of his campaign to decide whether to challenge Obama in 2012. The U.S. Constitution requires the American president to be born in the United States.

With a sizable percentage of Americans expressing doubts about Obama’s birthplace, Obama last month produced a longer version of his birth certificate that confirmed he was born at a Honolulu hospital in 1961…

The issue has since ebbed and Trump this week opted against a campaign for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

If the facts can’t make these ridiculous smears go away, we can at least have a little fun with it,” deputy campaign manager Julianna Smoot said in an email to supporters.

One of the best ways to handle populist dullards and their conspiracy cousins is laughter. Turning that laughter into a fund-raising tool – makes it worth even more. You get to laugh at these clowns while helping the 2012 campaign of the Black man they hate the most.

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