Pawz — Wellies for the furrier members of your family

Pawz, one of the latest fashion statements for dogs, are designed to give Fido some serious paw protection. More like a sock than a shoe, they are made from biodegradable natural rubber and fit securely without fasteners or straps. Available in a range of colors and sizes, they promise comfort and safety for a much loved pooch.

Pawz rubber boots are waterproof, washable and reusable, and are reportedly suitable for all types of terrain. A barrier against rough dirt, mud, ice and snow, they also protect against hazards such as chemicals and fire ants. Importantly, the boots do not have any padding inside, giving the dog a sense of security in being able to feel the ground beneath its feet. Made from flexible rubber, they are also said to allow dog paws a full range of motion, for maximum comfort.

I often remark about needing to “put me Wellies on” in response to the level of crap being spread by our world-class politicians.

I guess I should give the furriest members of our family the same protection. Though they rarely wander into the living room to listen to what passes for news on American television.

Chief Rabbi says Exodus is the way to escape civil rights

Picture the Rabbi bumping into a Gay Marriage at Plymouth Rock

New equality laws are forcing religious people to flee the country because they are being denied the freedom to live in accordance with their beliefs, the UK’s Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, has warned.

The Orthodox Jewish leader claimed that anti-discrimination policies had fuelled an “erosion of religious liberty” in Britain that was leading to a new “Mayflower”, a reference to the flight of the persecuted Pilgrim Fathers to America in the 17th century…

Speaking to the House of Commons public administration select committee, Lord Sacks said there was “no doubt” numbers of religious believers in Britain were “extraordinarily” low.

He continued: “I share a real concern that the attempt to impose the current prevailing template of equality and discrimination on religious organisations is an erosion of religious liberty…

Charles Wookey, the assistant general secretary of the Catholic bishops conference of England and Wales, told the MPs that religious organisations were struggling with “rapid social change”. This meant they were forced to alter practices that had been in place for many years, he said.

Imagine being nostalgic for bigotry. Though – I admit – I didn’t know that Wookeys were Catholic.

Recent months have seen a series of clashes of rights reach the courts as a result of equality legislation which was introduced under Labour and designed to prevent discrimination on the grounds of religion or sexuality…

…Secular campaigners described Lord Sacks’s comments as “fatuous in the extreme”.

Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, called on the Chief Rabbi to withdraw his “foolish” statement and apologise for suggesting that his religion is not allowed to flourish in Britain.

“If by religious freedom the Chief Rabbi means religious privilege, it is clear that he would be happier in some kind of theocracy,” he said. “Rather than fleeing this country, he should thank his God that he lives here and knows that he and his people are safe and free to practice their religion within the law.

The equality laws that he disparages are a wonderful achievement and something that most people – including many Jews – welcome as progressive, just and long overdue.”

Bravo! Of course it doesn’t matter which sect of religious bureaucrats and profiteers you’ve escaped from – willingness to extend an equal chance to your fellow human beings is overwhelmingly, well, a human thing to do. No mumbo jumbo required. Just a kind heart.

Eisenhower Research Project totals our war decade at $4 Trillion

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have likely cost the United States $4 trillion, and have sent damaging “ripple effects” across the American economy, according to researchers at Brown University.

While President Obama recently put the price tag for the wars at $1 trillion, researchers at the nonpartisan Watson Institute for International Studies says they will cost up to four times as much.

“While most people think the Pentagon war appropriations are equivalent to the wars’ budgetary costs, the true numbers are twice that, and the full economic cost of the wars much larger yet,” the researchers wrote.

“Conservatively estimated, the war bills already paid and obligated to be paid are $3.2 trillion in constant dollars,” they found. “A more reasonable estimate puts the number at nearly $4 trillion.”

The “human and economic costs,” however, will stretch for decades, with “some costs not peaking until mid-century,” the report concludes, pointing to the care of war veterans. “Many of the wars’ costs are invisible to Americans, buried in a variety of budgets, and so have not been counted or assessed.”

While top Pentagon officials downplay the role the wars’ costs and the size of the annual Defense Department budget have had in the nation’s economic downturn, the researchers see a connection.

The ripple effects on the U.S. economy have also been significant, including job loss and interest rate increases,” the Brown scholars found, “and those effects have been underappreciated.”

Veterans appreciate the cost of course. And they will live for many years with that cost engraved in their minds and on their bodies. Congress and the rest of our political establishment would rather focus on causing pain – rather than its alleviation or avoidance.

They will prate and piddle about over budgets and bills, avoiding any confrontation over stuff like what is a productive program to spend money on – education or healthcare – because it might get in the way of their follow-on career in the corporate world.

Oh, and BTW. Fiscally “responsible” liars in Congress who all voted to authorize this crap and whine today about the need to diminish the federal deficit – this circlejerk of death and destruction is equal to almost 30% of the whole deficit. No negotiations, No questions about debt ceiling.