Body goes unnoticed in public swimming pool — for days UPDATED

The body of a woman who apparently drowned in a state-run swimming pool in Massachusetts remained in the water unnoticed for two days until passersby finally alerted police…

No one reported seeing Marie Joseph, 36, between Sunday and late on Tuesday, when police were called to Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool in a park in southeastern Massachusetts where they found her in the water, Fall River Police Lt. Roger LaFleur said on Thursday.

“There were some individuals who were in the park and who noticed there was a body in the pool and subsequently called police,” LaFleur told Reuters.

Authorities said visitors to the recreational pool on Monday and Tuesday apparently didn’t notice Joseph’s body…

Joseph, a resident of Fall River, a city about 50 miles south of Boston, was last seen at the pool on Sunday. Her belongings were later found there, but she had not been reported missing, police said.

Police Chief Daniel Racine told a news conference Joseph may have had an accident on a water slide at the pool, citing a 9-year-old boy whom she had been taking care of on Sunday. The boy said Joseph accidentally went down the slide and landed on top of him, then went underwater and failed to resurface…


Health inspectors had visited the pool twice that week over complaints of the water being “murky” – and found nothing wrong.

Eeoough, eeoough!!

UPDATE: Three staffers have been fired for incompetence.

2 thoughts on “Body goes unnoticed in public swimming pool — for days UPDATED

  1. Nettie says:

    Who took over the care of the 9 year old? She is the mother of five, did they not notice when their mother didn’t come home? Did the 9 year old’s parents not think it was odd that she left him unattended and was she being paid to baby-sit? There are too many questions that are unanswered here. For one, I would NEVER swim in a public pool if I couldn’t see the bottom… do you know JAWS doesn’t live there? Two, who would not question the fact that a child is at a public pool without an adult………..? Not enough information……………

    Grandmother of two under age ten, who would NEVER..EVER….let them go to a pool that was “murky”….gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    When I was a kid we used to swim in a farm pond. Trust me, you don’t know murky. And we all lived. Well, except for little Timmy. We always wondered what happened to him. He just disappeared that one day.

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