More frontline rabbis being recruited for the Israeli military

The Israeli military is mustering battlefield rabbis in what it calls a campaign to promote religious values in its frontline ranks.

The move, announced in the latest issue of the military’s official weekly magazine, Bamahane, drew fire on Monday from one of Israel’s most popular newspaper columnists, who cautioned against creating a “God’s Army.”

Under the plan, a reserve army rabbi will be assigned to every battalion in the military’s northern command, whose areas of responsibility include the Lebanese and Syrian borders.

“The assimilation of religion into combat battalions is increasing,” said an article in Bamahane, which gave details of the program being implemented after a year-long pilot project…

Now, the Bamahane article said, “the commander of the Golani (infantry) brigade’s Battalion 51 does not move a meter without his rabbi.”

The rabbis’ roles were expanded in Israel’s Gaza war in late 2008 and early 2009, when military chaplains accompanied reserve battalions that invaded the enclave, in a conflict launched with the declared aim of halting militant rocket attacks…

…According to an army commander’s account at the time, some frontline rabbis mixed politics with religion, telling soldiers they were fighting a “religious war” to expel “the gentiles interfering with our conquest of this holy land.”

Just in case you forgot how a theocracy works.

2 thoughts on “More frontline rabbis being recruited for the Israeli military

  1. god says:

    Used to be that troops were gigged for filling their ammo pouches with anything other than ammo. My best bud was busted once for an excess of Heath Bars.

    But, Israeli soldiers are OK, I guess, with religious propaganda.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    Once there was a time when we laughed at the Soviets because every military unit had a political officer equal in rank to the commander.

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