La Baronia creates halal mozzarella. Whoopee!

Once homogeneously Italian and a nation that was famous for exporting immigrants, Italy has in the past decade seen the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, many of whom are Muslim.

Now a company in the Campania region around Naples has won official recognition for the first halal mozzarella, made from the milk of water buffaloes.

The key difference to regular mozzarella is that alcohol-based chemicals must not be used to clean the machinery in which the halal version is made.

The globular white cheese must also bear the date on which it was produced, as well as its sell-by date…

The firm, La Baronia, based in the town of Castel di Sasso, was awarded halal status by an Islamic culture association in Italy, Zayd Ibn Thabit…

Muslims could tuck into mozzarella safe in the knowledge that “there are no substances that, even accidentally, could render the product illegal for Islam,” he said.

Kind of warms the cockles of your heart doesn’t it? Knowing that simply changing cleaning procedures for a bit of machinery satisfies the heavenly demands of yet another superstition.

And expands market and profit potential.

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