Did you celebrate Odd Day over the weekend?

An odd number of pandas

Ron Gordon would like you to take a moment or three to think about what an odd day Saturday was.

Why? Because 7/9/11 is one of only six dates this century that features three consecutive odd numbers. Next up, 9/11/13.

Gordon, a retired teacher from Redwood City, Calif., has set up a website to celebrate “Odd Day,” and offers some ways to celebrate: Do odds ‘n ends, root for the odds-on-favorite or watch the “Odd Couple.”

Gordon has been fascinated with curious dates since some 30 years ago when he noticed the upcoming date 9/9/81 while writing a check. That, Gordon saw, was a Square Root Day – one in which the day and the month are the same number and, when multiplied, yield the year as it’s expressed in one or two digits.

It led Gordon to begin thinking about Odd Days, which he has continued to do through the years…

After 9/11/13, the next Odd Day will be 11/13/15 – and that will be it until next century.

Though we still have 4/4/16 to look forward to – the next Square Root Day.

I love this. I’m marking my online calendar right now.

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