Another “family values” Republican resigns – usual reasons!

An embattled Cincinnati-area state representative quit yesterday afternoon, caught up in controversy after being arrested for drunken driving in Indiana with a stripper in his car and Viagra in his system.

By making his resignation effective Aug. 2, Robert Mecklenborg, R-Green Township, ensured himself that he will be paid for all of July; if he had quit this month, his legislative salary would have been prorated. He also gets a bit more from the state retirement system…

His two-sentence resignation letter to House Speaker William G. Batchelder, R-Medina, was sent electronically yesterday, although it had been in the works since Saturday, said Mike Dittoe, spokesman for House Republicans…

The latest blow against the GOP representative came last week when it was revealed that four days after he was charged with DUI, Mecklenborg signed a driver’s-license application in Ohio saying that he did not have any outstanding traffic citations. Mecklenborg, 59, had an expired driver’s license when he was pulled over by an Indiana state trooper on April 23…

…A dashboard camera video showed him repeatedly telling the trooper that he had not had anything to drink, even as he failed three field sobriety tests

Mecklenborg was chairman of the House State Government and Elections Committee and sponsored a controversial bill that would require Ohioans to provide a photo ID before being allowed to vote. He also belonged to the Judiciary and Ethics Committee.

Mecklenborg was a good little loyal soldier in the Republican Army of hypocrites. He raised the family values flag every chance he had – supporting legislation against civil rights, against women having any choice or family planning opportunities, never heard of a war he couldn’t approve or a budget for working families and their children he wouldn’t cut.

2 thoughts on “Another “family values” Republican resigns – usual reasons!

  1. moss says:

    RTFA. A married father of three, a “good Catholic” as he described himself once again establishes Eid’s favorite one-liner.

    Republicans would have invented hypocrisy if Christians hadn’t done it first.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    Damn you !!! What part of “Do as I say, not as I do” don’t you guys understand? Have some respect for the ruling class.


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