Growing your own

Several varieties of lettuce

Our inevitable onion patch

Doing some grillin’ and chillin’ today – some of the Italian sausage I talk the butchers at Whole Foods into making for me – ready in a few minutes to toss with home-made basil pesto and rigatoni. And I noticed the garden is getting to just about peak productivity and took a few photos to send on to family members who aren’t visiting, right now. To let them know what they’re missing.


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Lifetime political activist. Cranky old Geek. Green. Progressive.
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2 Responses to Growing your own

  1. As a small child I could not appreciate the vegitable garden my grandfather always created in the back yard. As an adult it would be nice if here were alive and growin veggies in the back yard.

  2. Ursa says:

    Making me hungry ~

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