Metal Storm/TASER develop less-than-lethal ammunition

Metal Storm and TASER are developing less-than-lethal ammunition for the aptly-named MAUL rapid-fire 12-gauge launcher. The tiny 800 gram MAUL fits on an assault rifle, and shoots five bullets which incapacitate those it hits with the same Neuro Muscular effect of a handheld TASER.

Until very recently, the basic concept of the gun had changed little since the advent of gunpowder, and nearly all guns still run on the same principles. A decade ago, Metal Storm developed a new type of digital gun that is more closely related to the inkjet printer than traditional ordnance.

Its ammunition is stacked, fired electronically and ammunition types can be mixed, enabling the same gun to perform multiple roles.

Meanwhile, the dumb lumps of metal which guns initially fired evolved into intelligent projectiles capable of delivering a range of payloads for everything from door-breaching, grenade launching, and now non-lethal…it says here

A five round reload takes two seconds and each bullet incapacitates those it hits with the same Neuro Muscular effect of a handheld TASER.

Buck Rogers military geeks are wetting their pants over this one. But, probably not as much as a very few cops who would rather be storm troopers, judge, jury – all rolled into one.

I like the part about the “tiny 800 gram MAUL”. Ever been hit by anything weighing “just” 800 grams fired from a shotgun? It’s gonna make a hole THIS BIG!!

One thought on “Metal Storm/TASER develop less-than-lethal ammunition

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    800 grams is almost two pounds. Basketball balls weigh up to 650 grams. A Canon 5D Mk II, 21 megapixel camera weighs 750 grams.

    Yup, that would hurt.

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