Cisco blasted for arranging arrest of whistleblower – as a fugitive

Networking giant Cisco was blasted by a Canadian judge for arranging for the criminal arrest of a whistleblower who was suing the company.

Peter Adekeye launched an anti-trust case against his former employer in the US District Court for Northern California and was giving his deposition where he lived in Vancouver when four coppers entered the room and interrupted the hearing.

According to Ars Technica. Adekeye was jailed while the legal mess was sorted out. Part of the problem was that the highly expensive legal team for Cisco had done its best to convince the Canadian authorities that Adekeye was a “sinister” Nigerian on the run from 97 charges of illegal computer hacking…

US prosecutors invoked “emergency provisions” of the Extradition Act to obtain the arrest warrant…

When the extradition documentation actually arrived, the judge would discover that it was a pack of “innuendo, half truths, and complete falsehoods.”

Throughout all of this, the judges and the Canadian legal system was apparently unaware that all the made-up crimes were part of the bigger anti-trust battle Adekeye was waging against Cisco…

Justice McKinnon was shocked that a trivial $14,000 civil case had been transformed into a criminal proceeding and engaged the full might and resources of two governments, with the aim of misleading one of Canada’s senior trial courts.

Cisco allegedly engineered it so that the arrest took place in the presence of a US High Court Judge, Special Master, George Fisher, with Cisco’s lawyers insisting on filming the entire arrest on the record. It was clearly an attempt to humiliate Adekeye and weaken his case.

McKinnon said that it all spoke “volumes for Cisco’s duplicity”.

What should be most alarming is that Cisco could use extradition laws and their buddies in the US government to have those who challenged their dominion locked up under American laws – in Canada.

3 thoughts on “Cisco blasted for arranging arrest of whistleblower – as a fugitive

  1. edgerobics says:

    A false arrest engineered by who. that is not a question. Another whistleblowers life and reputation ruined. that is not a question.

    Let’s see US government and law enforcement involved. A poor whistleblower involved. Money involved.

    I think a some people need to lose their job, be arrested and thrown in jail. I think the Judge should automatically award the whistleblower millions. Then I think Cisco and the US Government should be charged and forced to appear in Canadian High Courts. All while the media daily reports on the real crime(s).

  2. R. Bruce says:

    This is everyday America. It is commonplace for whistleblowers to become the “criminal” for standing up and doing the right thing. It is common knowledge in America the whistle blowers lives are turned upside down for doing the right thing. Government and large corporations are offered protection against prosecution by turning the whistleblower into the criminal, therefore these practices make the whistleblower more unlikely to make the report. I was in law enforcement for over 20 years and had an unmarked record and my reputation within the community that I served was very respected. I reported a chief of police in a small town where I worked for downloading porn on a government computer. I was subsequently fired allegedly for going on a vehicle pursuit three months earlier and it was said that I did not have permission to engage in the pursuit from the chief of police. I obtained a copy of the recording at the sheriffs office in the county that dispatched us of the chief of police giving me permission to be on the pursuit. I was unemployed for about two years and no one in the county would hire me in law enforcement. I am still unemployed as an officer. I have held administrative positions, have extensive training, and have held a master peace officer certification since 2004. My case settled out of court and I managed to get my backpay back. It caught me up on bills and paid for some medical expeses for two surgeries that I incurred after I injured a shoulder on duty at this same department when I pulled a kid out of rushing water on a bridge during a flood. The same chief of police told me that he turned it into workmans comp but he never did. He lied about it. The chief and mayor gave me a lifesaver award and then refused to take care of me through workmans comp. As a result of that injury I was careflighted and I had an adverse affect to the medication and my heart stopped twice, so that you can get the scope of the expenses that were involved. I have worked two and three jobs during my entire career in law enforcemnt so my work ethic is spot on, however, I am unhirable. So if you do not believe that whistleblowers lives are ruined for standing up and doing the right thing, I assure you, though experience, they are. So for those of you that bleed blue, your blood and your souls are tainted. I have always backed my people up, but I never lied for one and I never will. There is a God!!!!

    • E Trams says:

      You are an American Patriot. You can hold your head high. Thank you for writing what happened to you. I think there should be a reality show entirely based on stories of whistleblowers such as yours.

      My whistleblower story is ongoing. I doubt I will ever have the chance at what little equality and justice you received. I often fear for my life.

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