Woman dies after extreme spa detox treatment

The association representing the spas in Quebec is calling on people to be cautious when choosing a spa after a woman died following a detoxification treatment at a facility near Drummondville. Chantal Lavigne, 35, died in hospital Friday.

Police said Lavigne had undergone treatment at the Reine de Paix farmhouse in the town of Durham, about 100 kilometres southeast of Montreal. She was one of about 10 people taking part in a lengthy detoxification session.

“The treatments consisted of a process of sweating by being all wrapped in plastic with mud, and also with blankets,” said Sgt. Éloise Cossette. Lavigne died Friday afternoon, while another woman was in stable condition Saturday. Both women were also encased in cardboard boxes.

Police were trying to determine if negligence or criminal conduct was involved. Or just plain stupidity?

Spas in Quebec are not regulated, said Lucie Brosseau with Alliance Spas Relais Santé, which represents some Quebec spas. Brosseau said the association has developed standards for spas to follow, but they are not mandatory…

Police say at least 10 people were undergoing the same detox treatment, which lasted for several hours, and did not include drinking water…

Neighbours have previously complained to police about the farmhouse after hearing loud screaming on the property…

The spa specializes in Reiki therapy, and offers energy therapy, massage and natural products, according to an online listing.

Maybe one of their specialties is primal scream therapy. Another winner – for neurotics.

I would hope that anyone considering any wingy-dingy extreme therapy for anything would take the time to consult a physician about the procedures. Dying is as extreme as it gets.

One thought on “Woman dies after extreme spa detox treatment

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    The only detox I have experience with is when I volunteered at a Detox Center many years ago. People were coming off of week long benders on alcohol. And yes, alcohol detoxification has been known to kill people. I’ve never been a drunk, but it was explained as “imagining the worst hangover amplified a hundred times”. Yes, these people were sick and hospitals were very reluctant to treat them since they were “just drunks”. They usually smelled bad, hadn’t eaten in quite some time, and had all manner of waste in their clothes.

    Why healthy people would try and detox themselves has always been a mystery to me. Antioxidants, probiotics, etc. are fed to a gullible population that have no idea what they are doing. But I guess when there is money to be made, … .

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