Mystery copper a hit at Notting Hill Carnival

A policeman has delighted the online community after being filmed ‘skanking’ at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival, but who is the Met’s happiest officer?

Footage posted on YouTube shows the unknown officer getting drawn into the festivities as he joins carnival goers for a short dance…

Whilst on duty at the SSP Soundstage in Kensal Rise, which promised ‘funky and soulful house, UK garage and classics’, and halfway through his impromptu boogie, the police officer drew the appreciation of the soundsystem’s MC, who can be heard to shout, “big up the police inside the place“.

The clip has generated a warm response online, with one YouTube user saying: “this needs to happen a little more often to show they have a human side too. Makes us all feel a little more comfortable.”

Another viewer was pleased that the video had not provoked a negative reaction.

“So glad to not see loads of people complaining or saying he’s not doing his job. Seeing Police Officers behaving like this is not only acceptable but great for their relationships with communities.”

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed he’s one of their own – and his closeness to the community is applauded. As it should be.

New Mexico woman gets forced cavity search – for $1122

A Las Cruces woman has been charged $1,122 by a local hospital for a forcible body cavity search ordered by the Metro Narcotics Agency that did not turn up any illegal substances.

She is now asking the county to pay her hospital bill.

The woman, who is not being named because she was not arrested or criminally charged, was searched at Memorial Medical Center on July 1, according to a tort claim notice Las Cruces attorney Michael Lilley served to the county this week.

The woman is refusing to pay the $1,122 she was subsequently billed for the body cavity search, the tort claim notice shows.

Metro Sgt. Mike Alba said agents had “credible information from a reliable source” that the woman was concealing up to an ounce of heroin, leading to the search warrant from Magistrate Court. The woman, who has no criminal history in New Mexico, was in custody for several hours…

The county has a policy of not commenting on threatened or pending litigation.

Idiots. So much for what coppers in Las Cruces consider credible and reliable. Try requiring some old-fashioned legwork before putting someone through body probes based on some paid informant.

Thanks, Cinaedh

Governor Perry cuts Texas firefighting budget while wildfires burn

Rick Perry hates the federal government so much, he wishes they would just go away, completely, except when he needs them to send him bulldozers. Why does Rick Perry need bulldozers? Because he is the governor of Texas, and much of Texas is currently on fire. Wildfires are right now burning thousands of homes, exacerbated by a devastating drought that has persisted all year, despite prayer.

Perry has spent this entire disastrous year berating the feds for not spending enough time, attention, and — most importantly — money on helping his fire and drought-ridden state, at one point claiming the president had a personal vendetta against the state of Texas. (The U.S. Forest Service and National Interagency Fire Center are currently commanding firefighting efforts near Bastrop.)

Of course Rick Perry doesn’t want to see Texas burn, so it is rational of him to ignore his rhetorical distaste for the federal government and demand that they help. And Texas could use the help, because Perry and the Republicans who control all three branches of Texas government have severely slashed the budget of the Texas Forest Service.

Perry’s fanatical opposition to raising revenue to close Texas’ budget gap meant that his allies in the legislature had to find creative ways to cut costs, like cutting $34 million over the next two years from the agency that fights wildfires. The Forest Service is largely volunteer-based, and the cuts will largely affect the state’s assistance grants to buy volunteer departments the tools they need to fight fires.

Rick Perry’s legacy

Perry cut 75% of the budget designed to aid volunteer fire departments – which is most of what the great state of Confederate Texas loves him for. Then he whines about not receiving aid for the disasters where he could have used that civil service.

The hypocrisy of political correctness in its rightwing roots is astounding. It is only matched by their unwillingness to accept responsibility for anything that may have been caused by human stupidity, ignorance, greed and egregious behavior.

To quote John Hightower, Rick Perry put the Goober back in Gubernatorial.

Shopkeeper free of charges for killing one of four armed gangsters

Cecil Coley – my hero

A shopkeeper who stabbed a 30-year-old intruder to death has been told he will not be charged with any offence.

Cecil Coley stabbed Gary Mullings, 30 – who was attempting to rob his flower shop in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester – in July. The 72-year-old was arrested on suspicion of murder after Mullings was pronounced dead in hospital…

Nathan Walters, 26, of Salford, Joseph Mullings, 25, of Liverpool and 19-year-old Kyle Mullings, of no fixed address, have been charged with robbery and will appear at Manchester crown court in October.

Coley, who was injured during the incident, was questioned by detectives after his release from hospital. He had been playing cards with a 60-year-old friend, who was also injured, at the time of the incident.

Police said a number of men had tried to rob the shop and that a gun had been found at the scene…

Nazir Afzal, the chief crown prosecutor for the north-west area, said he was satisfied that Coley was “acting in reasonable self-defence at the time”.

He said he had considered all the evidence gathered by Greater Manchester police and decided Coley should not be prosecuted for any offence over the death of Gary Mullings.

It is difficult to envisage a more frightening set of circumstances than these,” he said. “Four men, armed with guns and a knife, forced their way into the shop as Mr Coley was locking up.

“Mr Coley received a number of injuries, including a serious facial injury, and his friend was knocked unconscious. At some point in the incident, one of the guns, a blank firing pistol, was fired.”

The sentence for armed robbery, for committing a crime of violence, life-threatening to the victim – should be life. Warehouse the bastards until and unless a jury of warders decides that any sort of rehabilitation has taken place.

Why turn unrepentant scum back into the streets because some particular metric has been reached? Penal systems can be managed to reduce recidivism while maintaining the safety of a law abiding populace at the same time.

Yes – we do a lousy job at that here in the United States and I doubt the UK is much better. That still doesn’t justify diminishing public safety because all the other institutions failed similarly.

Huge chunk of a Greenland glacier set to break off – again

In August 2010, a section of ice about four times the size of Manhattan broke off the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland. This was the largest glacial calving event ever seen in Greenland, according to polar researcher Jason Box of the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University.

Now, Box and other researchers are warning that another massive chunk of ice is close to breaking off from the same glacier, speeding the Petermann’s already rapid slide into the sea. Ice is melting all over the planet, but it’s what happens to land ice, such as the vast Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, that will largely determine how high sea levels rise during the coming decades.

In recent years, that fate has started to look increasingly dire: new research shows that glacial melting has sped up lately, a development that Box calls a telltale sign of global warming.

Box and his colleague Allun Hubbard of Aberystwyth University in Wales have released high resolution before-and-after images that reveal the scale of the ice loss at Petermann, with open water interspersed among scattered pieces of ice where solid ice used to be.

Even though they knew about the breakup event, Hubbard said it was nevertheless a shock to see firsthand. “I was still unprepared for the impact I felt of the scale of the breakup which rendered me speechless,” Hubbard said…

Box recently coauthored a study in the journal Annals of Glaciology that found that 39 of Greenland’s widest glaciers collectively lost an area of nearly 593 square miles between 2000 and 2010, with the greatest loss recorded at Petermann. The study found that the vast majority of the losses in area have occurred in northern Greenland, which matches with climate data that shows the climate is warming more significantly in that region…

Although the Arctic seems far-removed from everyday developments in the United States, Box notes that what happens there will eventually affect those in lower latitudes. “People should care because climate change in the Far North is occurring faster than down where we live… and what happens in the Far North affects us via sea level.” He noted that Hurricane Irene may have caused more damage via coastal flooding since sea levels have already risen by about a foot along the East Coast during the past century.

Ice is nature’s thermometer, and if it melts away, we know that something has occurred. Ice doesn’t pay attention to politics, it reacts to temperature and that’s it.”

Way too rational for partisan politics.

The interesting thing for those of you who follow the research in current climate studies is that they aren’t anymore uniform than any other series of events in natural sciences. While the overwhelming body of evidence confirms climate change the process of in-depth studies is revealing many directions of change, new avenues of investigation not directly related to the processes which have been agreed on.

Fascinating – if you’re not one of the stuffed shirts stuck into the ideology of so-called climate skepticism.

Forgotten mooncakes spark bomb scare in Taiwan subway toilet

Police in the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung mobilized the bomb squad after a suspicious package was found in a subway station toilet, only to find it contained nothing more dangerous than mooncakes.

A cleaner called police to report the package left on top of a waste bin Saturday. Part of the station, known for its stained glass ceiling, was cordoned off and explosives experts were called in.

TV pictures showed a police officer in a full protective suit entering the toilet carrying specialist equipment while other officers waited outside with more gear. The officer then emerged carrying a bright blue cardboard box full of mooncakes, pastries with sweet fillings traditionally eaten at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

It was x-rayed first to see what it was and whether there was any chemical or electrical reaction,” local police station chief Cheng Ming-chung told TV.

“Someone must have put it down to use the toilet and forgotten it when they left,” he said, adding that the police would continue to investigate.

Nice fresh mooncakes. Think they’ll end up in “Lost and Found” or shared at the police station?

If I realized these were my mooncakes, the last thing I would do is try to claim them back from the coppers. They might try to bill me for the cost of the security alert.