Mystery copper a hit at Notting Hill Carnival

A policeman has delighted the online community after being filmed ‘skanking’ at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival, but who is the Met’s happiest officer?

Footage posted on YouTube shows the unknown officer getting drawn into the festivities as he joins carnival goers for a short dance…

Whilst on duty at the SSP Soundstage in Kensal Rise, which promised ‘funky and soulful house, UK garage and classics’, and halfway through his impromptu boogie, the police officer drew the appreciation of the soundsystem’s MC, who can be heard to shout, “big up the police inside the place“.

The clip has generated a warm response online, with one YouTube user saying: “this needs to happen a little more often to show they have a human side too. Makes us all feel a little more comfortable.”

Another viewer was pleased that the video had not provoked a negative reaction.

“So glad to not see loads of people complaining or saying he’s not doing his job. Seeing Police Officers behaving like this is not only acceptable but great for their relationships with communities.”

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed he’s one of their own – and his closeness to the community is applauded. As it should be.

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