Lady judge throws out juror who is breastfeeding her infant – WTF?

A Denver mom says she was singled out by a judge when she brought her six-month-old daughter with her to report for jury duty. Christine Kalata says she had no choice. She is breast feeding her child and breast-feeding mothers are not exempt from jury duty.

“I felt embarrassed. I remember looking down and thinking everyone’s going to be mad at me because I want to be excused,” says Kalata.

She says she was humiliated in front of other potential jurors in Denver court when the judge was not happy to see a baby in court.

“When I stated that this was my job she did not let me say anything else after that she just said to the jurors, ‘how many of you left a job? Please raise your hand,'” Kalata says.

She says Judge Claudia Jordan told the clerk to put her name back in the pool and then sent her home.

“After I left I cried all the way down the elevator. As I drove home I actually started to get angry,” Kalata says. “That’s when I started to think this is ridiculous.”

Then she got fired up and is now working on changing the law in Denver so breast-feeding moms can fulfill their civic duty while taking care of their children.

Kalata says she had asked for a deferment but the clerk told her no.

Contradictory crap like this has no reason to happen. Either the judge hasn’t a clue what the regulations say about jury duty – or the clerk advising Christine Kalata doesn’t know what their job is all about. I don’t know who has it wrong.

But, it gets worse in these tired old eyes when it turns out to be a lady judge. Whether you have children or not, you would expect a women judge to be somewhat sympatico to a nursing mother.

5 thoughts on “Lady judge throws out juror who is breastfeeding her infant – WTF?

  1. Will says:

    They have these things called breast pumps that allow a mother to store her milk in bottle in the fridge. Get one of these and a baby sitter and you don’t have to take the baby to court…

    • keaneo says:

      You’re a little out of touch, dude. Breastfeeding isn’t just about the meal. There’s a significant portion of bonding involved.

      Breastpumps are useful for excess production, backup or emergencies. For an extended period – which can happen in some trials – I wouldn’t recommend it for mother or child. And the pittance offered for jury duty ain’t covering expenses like babysitters.

  2. MIKE LEWIS says:


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