Cold War atomic shelter transformed into geek tecno-headquarters

Set thirty meters underground, deep within the bedrock and in what was once used as a Swedish atomic bomb shelter, lies this high security internet center. What sounds like the perfect hideout for a CIA facility or a film set for the next Jason Bourne film, is actually the HQ for the Swedish internet server provider, Bahnhof. Named “Pionen, White Mountain,” the internet service facility is centrally located in Stockholm, directly below the Sofia Church, where the cave-like formation houses server halls and offices.

The architectural firm behind this impressive transformation was Albert-France Lanord which was asked to treat the granite rocks as if they were a living organism. The idea was to bring human comforts from earth underground, such as plants, light, water and technology. “We created strong contrasts between rooms where the rock dominates and where the human being is a stranger against rooms where the human being took over totally,” says AF-L. Daylight was obviously one of the biggest challenges for the architects, who designed a long tunnel, allowing for natural sunlight to filter through the underground space, with small buttresses to reflect the light into several zones.

There’s a steady market in leftover missile silos and command centers throughout the world. Bunkers that cost taxpayers billions of dollars are being sold for a comparative pittance.

Of course, you still have to find a reasonable use for something originally built to suit cowardice and fear.

One thought on “Cold War atomic shelter transformed into geek tecno-headquarters

  1. Cures Riches says:

    Mussolini, now seen as Berlusconi doesn’t necessarily need a Hitler for world war. The daemonic emperor loves murder and wants lots to pay the way for his reincarnation into a younger format. Remember that WW1 was a lot of jolly rich idiots without a central Hitler character. There are so many signs of fascist mentality in the world these days that a pittance for a bomb shelter _ _ _ even costs less for some public complaining to expose the despot of the Roman spirit channel empire.

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