Man blows himself up trying to burn ex-girlfriend’s body

An explosive south Fulton County fire was apparently started last month by a man trying to burn his ex-girlfriend’s body…Sarone Bridges perished in the ensuing blaze, but not immediately after the blast that started the quick-burning fire, Fulton County Fire Chief Larry Few said.

“Based on how his body was positioned, I think (the) explosion took its toll on him,” Few said. “The concussion from the blast could have made him disoriented where he fell, and he received the thermal burns afterwards.”

Investigators from the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said Bridges died of burns and smoke inhalation.

Bridges’ ex-girlfriend, Beverly Bland, 34, was strangled before the fire, police said…

Few said Bridges, 35, doused a sleeping bag with gasoline and laid Bland’s body on the bag to set it on fire. But his plan literally blew up in his face.

“When he threw that match, the vapors of gasoline are what ignited,” Few said. “There was an immediate fireball that blew the windows out…”

Sometimes you get what you deserve.

7 thoughts on “Man blows himself up trying to burn ex-girlfriend’s body

  1. Jgirl90 says:

    The little comment at the end “Sometimes you get what you deserve” could have been left out! Im sure the person who wrote this article doesnt personally know sarone! he was a very good person. sometimes love can make you do crazy things. and dont go making comments on the sort when you really dont know the whole story. I admitt she didnt deserve that and he didnt either. they both have families that love and care for them both.

  2. Jgirl90 says:

    haha. you know what, i do love my cousin because i knew him for who he really was! he did make a mistake… but he was a good person deep down inside. and dont think for once you are offending me because i know the REAL him. you cant speak for somebody until you are in the situation yourself. you are only going by what they news reporters are reporting. you never know what really honestly and truly happened and what the relationship could have been like. But i know my cousin! he is a very loving and true person. he would bend over backwards to help anybody. so please keep all the smart remarks to yourself. both families are grieving… and we all ask why. but only God knows.

    • moss says:

      Killing someone in an auto accident is a mistake. Maybe even getting drunk and piling into a building and killing someone inside – is a mistake. That’s manslaughter. And you’re responsible for your actions even if impaired by drugs or booze.

      You don’t strangle someone by mistake. That’s why we have laws that charge people differently depending upon the circumstances. That’s murder – and you’re responsible for your actions even if impaired by drugs or booze – or anger.

  3. Jgirl90 says:

    i didnt say he strangled her by mistake!!! i was saying he made a mistake llike the wrong decision. and yea he is responsible for his actions. it was wrong but you dont just dogg someone out like that. whether he is my family or not…its just not right and thats where i was coming from. im not trying to make excuses for the actions that took place. just dont dogg him out like that especially if he isnt here to speak up for himself! but you know what. im just going to leave it at that! whats done is done. like i said only God knows what drove him to do what he did. because i know the kind of person he truly was.

  4. Sex, Spirit & Soul Mates....Ivonne's Journey says:

    … I am in agreement with the last comment on the article, “sometimes you get what you deserve”…this man no matter who he is related to or how much family members may love him…tried to cover up a murder, stranguation by making it look like a fire…he did wrong……and he got caught in his own karma….serves him right….live by the sword ….die by the sword….and it does not matter what drives anyone to do anything…if you commit murder you commit murder…someone is dead at another’s expense…you kill you fry…now please understand I am not including self-defense type actions in here please have some common sense….

  5. Jgirl90 says:

    whatever… you all are going beyond the point im trying to make!!!!! no matter what the circumstances it gives no right for anyone to judge him because neither of you have a heaven or hell to put anybody in! plain as that!!!! im out!!!!

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