A smartphone designed for everything you worry about

Japanese mobile phone giant NTT DoCoMo is developing a smartphone that will measure radiation levels. The design was inspired by worries over the health implications of the radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The phone will come with changeable “jackets” which will also be able to measure bad breath and body fat…

At the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technology, hosted near Tokyo next month, DoCoMo will show off three smartphone ‘jackets” that are fitted with sensors, to monitor body mass as well as level of skin-damaging ultraviolet light.

But the shell that measures radiation levels is likely to prove the most popular.

“Many customers have been nervous about radiation since the Great East Japan Earthquake,” said DoCoMo’s spokesman Daisuke Sakuma.

We had been thinking what services we can provide to address these needs as a telecom carrier,” he added.

Just think of the possibilities:

Point your smartphone at a mirror and ask “does this outfit make my butt look fat?”

Take a photo of your date and determine what your prospective children might look like.

Record a speech from a political candidate and it will tell you the percentage of lies.

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