Ask Google Maps for the location of zombies around the world?

Click on map for larger view

How do you combine an obsession with Zombie movies and data analysis of Google Maps?

Simple, you produce the map, above. It was created by Oxford University’s Internet Institute – and the guys behind the fantastic dataviz site, Floating sheep: Mark Graham, Taylor Shelton, Matthew Zook and Monica Stephens.

Using a keyword search for “zombies”, it visualizes the absolute concentrations of references within the Google Maps database.

The map reveals two important spatial patterns. First, much of the world lacks any content mentioning “zombies” whatsoever. Second, and related, the highest concentrations of zombies in the Geoweb are located in the Anglophone world, especially in large cities…

Graham, whose favourite Zombie movie is the original Romero Dawn of the Dead (“the classic of the genre”) says of the map:

The results either provide a rough proxy for the amount of English-language content indexed over our planet, or offer an early warning into the geographies of the impending zombie apocalypse.

Actually zombie movies bore the hell out of me. I much prefer to be scared by extraterrestrial aliens.

2 thoughts on “Ask Google Maps for the location of zombies around the world?

  1. John says:

    Perhaps if you searched for whatever the word for “zombie” is in the various laguages used in the non-Anglophone areas your map would show a more even distribution.

    • god says:

      Google is your friend. Apparently “zombie” is one of those words represented by its English usage in other languages. Google Translate says, for example, the Swahili word for “zombie” is “zombi”. 🙂

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