Missouri man sues Catholic priest for fathering child with his wife

A Missouri man filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that a priest in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese — who for years has sat on the diocese’s Marriage Tribunal — fathered a child with the man’s wife.

The civil suit…alleges that the Rev. Joseph Matt had an affair with the man’s wife between 2004 and 2005…and that the woman became pregnant and had a boy.

It also alleges that the diocese and Matt committed fraud by keeping silent about the sexual misconduct.

“It’s been a nightmare,” the man said in an interview with The Kansas City Star. “It’s not a good thing to find out that your son is not yours and the father is actually a priest that you thought you could trust. I still can’t believe it.”

The man, who is filing the lawsuit anonymously to protect the identity of the child, learned last September that the boy was not his biological son…

The lawsuit is the latest in a series of legal actions involving the diocese, from civil suits to criminal charges against a priest, to a grand jury investigation into how diocesan leaders have handled some allegations.

But unlike this case, the others revolve around accusations of priests sexually abusing minors.

Matt still sits on the diocese’s Marriage Tribunal. He judges the quality and holiness of marriages of members of the Catholic Church. Apparently, the princes of the church think he’s qualified for that judgement. Incredible.

RTFA. A corrupt soap opera that surprises no one except loyal members of the church, I guess.

One thought on “Missouri man sues Catholic priest for fathering child with his wife

  1. moss says:

    Cripes. The Catholic church can’t even manage its bureaucracy sensibly. Why would anyone expect the solace and advice market to be useful?

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