Jogger in weight vest stopped as possible suicide bomber

Did you think you live in the Free World?

An Oxford University student claims he was mistaken for a suicide bomber by police as he jogged around the city’s streets.

The suspect was ordered to stop running, put his hands in the air and drop everything in his hands as sub-machine guns were trained on his body. The officers carefully took off the heavily padded vest and searched it, looking for explosives and a detonator.

However, they found the Oxford University PhD student was wearing a training vest loaded with weights for added resistance when running…

Goudarz Karimi said: “They told me ‘Stop! Stop! Put your hands in the air. Drop everything you have…’

They said they had a report of someone walking in a bomb suit. There were police cars and the street was blocked…”

He said that when they realised it was an exercise vest they advised him to remove it to prevent any another call from a terrified member of the public…

He said he feared his ethnic origin had sparked the concerns. “I am 100 per cent sure that if I was blond with Caucasian skin type, nobody would have noticed and said anything about it…

Superintendent Amanda Pearson, of Thames Valley Police, said: “Police received a call from a member of the public who was concerned about a man walking in Southfield Road, with what he thought was a vest which may have contained explosives…

“In order to stop any further calls from members of the public, the gentleman was asked to put his coat on, which he agreed to do.

“There was no legal requirement for the gentleman to put on his jacket and he did not have to do so.”

Yes, can you imagine how this would have gone, say, in Dallas or Chicago? Har.

Evangelical hustlers called it “trash” — Our Bodies, Ourselves celebrates 40 years of sound science, useful advice

Founders of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, circa 1975

It was described by evangelical pastor Jerry Falwell as “obscene trash.”

High schools and public libraries banned it, while teenagers — male and female — hid it under their beds like a dirty magazine. Women across the country passed it to their friends, their sisters, their neighbors. They read chapters about rape in closets with flashlights. They gaped in dorm rooms at the photos of childbirth.

The landmark women’s health handbook was filled with sometimes graphic information about the most intimate aspects of women’s lives. It was revolutionary in its candid discussions — and depictions — of the specifics of sex, birth control, childbirth, lesbianism and other formerly taboo topics.

In 1971, the first “Our Bodies, Ourselves” book sold 250,000 copies. Today, it is available in 25 languages and has sold more than 4 million copies. It’s hard to believe it all began in Boston with just 12 women.

They met during a women’s liberation conference in 1969. At the time, fewer than 10% of doctors were women, and topics like sexuality, pregnancy and abortion were rarely discussed. But a long conversation after a workshop on women and their bodies prompted this small group to launch the beginning of the women’s health care movement…

The next year, their work came to fruition: a 193-page booklet printed on newsprint titled “Women and Their Bodies” that sold for just 75 cents.

RTFA – the interview with Judy Norsigian , executive director of the ongoing, constantly updated publication. Think about giving a copy to young women you know – or read it yourself if you haven’t yet.

This is a book that still opens doors to thought and accomplishment for women stuck into the corners of a society that hasn’t yet progressed very well beyond superstition and ignorance.

IEA warns of ballooning world fossil fuel subsidies

Global subsidies for fossil fuel consumption are set to reach $660 billion in 2020 unless reforms are passed to effectively eliminate this form of state aid, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said.

“Governments and taxpayers spent about half a trillion dollars last year supporting the production and consumption of fossil fuels,” the energy watchdog to 28 industrialized countries said. “In a period of persistently high energy prices, subsidies represent a significant economic liability,” it said in an extract of its annual World Energy Outlook…

It’s a huge amount of money,” the IEA’s Chief Economist Fatih Birol told reporters at a joint press briefing with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which also presented a report on the issue…

In 2010, Birol had forecast that fossil fuel subsidies would reach $600 billion as early as 2015 without further reforms. He said the slower rate of growth was partly due to efforts in certain major countries including China and India.

“This is thanks to the improvements in India, China, Russia. They have made significant efforts. We have to be fair,” he said, adding that only 8 percent of those subsidies reached the poorest population…

OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria urged developing and rich nations to phase out the subsidies urgently. “As they (nations) look for policy responses to the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, phasing out subsidies is an obvious way to help governments meet their economic, environmental and social goals,” Gurria said at the press briefing.

Eliminating fossil fuel consumption subsidies by 2020 would cut global energy demand by 4 percent and considerably reduce carbon emissions growth, the IEA said on Tuesday.

Indeed, we might eliminate the subsidies Congress gives to the wealthiest corporations on Earth – stipends to cheapen their cost of doing business. All that achieves, short-or-long-term is bumping up their profits. Nothing dribbles down to consumers. Your tax dollars at work.

London is being turned into apartheid-era Johannesburg

Classes haven’t changed or added colors since they graduated in 1993

Children are being taught in “ghettos” as inner-city schools are increasingly divided along racial lines, a leading headmaster has warned.

David Levin said parts of London were starting to resemble apartheid-era South Africa, with black and white pupils being separated at a young age. He insisted that Britain was becoming a “silo society” as many young people never leave their own housing estate or mix with children from different racial and religious backgrounds.

The comments come amid continuing alarm over segregation in inner-city communities.

Entrenched segregation in the education system was seen as one of the fundamental causes of the race riots that rocked parts of northern England a decade ago. A recent report found that schools in Oldham – one of the worst flashpoints – are still largely split along racial lines…

Mr Levin, the head of fee-paying City of London School, said he grew up in South Africa “where apartheid was imposed and people had to live in different areas”…

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, which represents 250 leading independent schools, Mr Levin told how his teachers and pupils were involved in partnership programmes with state schools in the capital to help raise standards. This includes the “gifted and talented” scheme designed to push the brightest children…

Some 97 per cent of pupils at one of the schools – Stepney Green Maths and Computing College – are of Bangledeshi origin, he said.

Mr Levin added: “A number of those children through no fault of their own have not been out of their council estate, never mind Tower Hamlets. This cannot be a good thing…”

In my view, I think London is sleepwalking towards Johannesburg. The ghettoisation of the community.”

Mr Levin said that children in many of these inner-city schools were “not mixing with other people from different faiths, different races and different socio-economic backgrounds”.

There’s little or no justification for maintaining the foolishness of segregated society. Yes, everyone has great “natural” reasons about how this occurs. Everyone too lazy to be concerned.

There is never a shortage of rationales to justify bigotry and discrimination. But, when avenues from the bottom of society leading to the top are blockaded by a ittle mistake here, a little slip-up there – and children grow into disaffected youngsters, unemployed and unemployable – the result is always the same. A breeding ground for crime and violence – which officialdom hopes will always be directed into the segregated society instead of striking out at the profiteers of a divided society.