Pentagon says they need 6 years & $1 billion to face an audit

They can bring back the Davy Crockett rocket –
One of the dumbest nuclear weapons ever made!

The Defense Department, considered by some a black hole of federal spending, is promising lawmakers it will open its books and show in detail how the billions are spent. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta…admitted Thursday that the Pentagon must improve its accountability.

“While the department’s systems do tell us where we are spending taxpayer funds, we do not yet have the details and controls necessary to pass an audit,” Panetta said in remarks prepared for his appearance before the House Armed Services Committee. “This is inexcusable and must change.”

Until now, the Pentagon has never been subjected to a so-called “clean audit,” a full examination of its spending. In the past, the Defense Department had pledged to provide Congress with auditable financial statements by 2017. Panetta shaved several years off that deadline to deliver that key part of how the Pentagon monitors its spending.

“I have directed the department to cut in half the time it will take to achieve audit readiness for the Statement of Budgetary Resources, so that in 2014 we will have the ability to conduct a full budget audit,” Panetta said. “We owe it to the taxpayers to be transparent and accountable for how we spend their dollars, and under this plan we will move closer to fulfilling that responsibility.”

The Statement of Budgetary Resources, according to the Pentagon, shows what funds the Defense Department received, what was obligated and what checks were written. It is just one of four parts of the internal accounting. The other three, including a consolidated balance sheet and a net cost for the entire department, will remain on the 2017 timetable.

Perish the thought that actual budget cuts have a chance to go beyond the smoke-and-mirrors cuts already agreed to between the White House, Congressional Republicans, Democrats with big military bases delivering welfare checks to their districts and the ever-popular military-industrial complex that has been sucking at at the teat of taxpayer dollars for decades.

Who needs a Cold War when you can have the War on Terror producing non-consumable goods forever and a day?

4 thoughts on “Pentagon says they need 6 years & $1 billion to face an audit

    • Mr. Fusion says:

      Ya ! Bowie only had a knife named after him and he fought injuns and bears.

      BTW, in case you were unaware, at home we have this black box with a bunch of buttons I named after you. It controls the idiot box. My wife hates it when I ask where the “god box” is when I want to change the channel.

      Damn, I think my humor is getting rusty.

  1. The Watcher on the Wall says:

    In the dictionary, they will soon be adding Pentagon audits as an example of an exercise in futility.

    When is the last time you got a spam, offering a pill that will make your dick smaller?

    No American, male or female, will ever support an exercise that might make their collective dick even a millimeter smaller.

    Sometimes I think the Civil War irreparably damaged the gene pool of the United States of America, killing off most of the smart and most of the brave.

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