140 illegal migrants found hidden in a trailer truck in Mexico

Soldiers in Mexico have found 140 Central American migrants hidden in a lorry. The soldiers were searching the tractor-trailer for drugs when they came across a false wall behind which the migrants were hiding.

Two men were detained in connection with the find in the southern state of Chiapas.

Tens of thousands of migrants from Central America cross Mexico each year trying to get to the United States.

Many are discovered and sent back; others are forcibly recruited by drug gangs or killed.

Soldiers stopped the lorry at a routine checkpoint on the highway leading from Pijijiapan to Toniba in southern Chiapas state…They said the two Mexican drivers were unusually nervous when questioned.

A thorough inspection of the tractor-trailer revealed a hidden wall behind which the soldiers found 128 men and 12 women.

The migrants, who said they were from neighbouring Guatemala, were taken to the local prosecutor’s office in Arriaga.

These folks must have been packed into that hidden space like bundles of asparagus.

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