Virgin Mary’s Belt draws lines of True Believers in Moscow

From morning all through the night, tens of thousands of Russians have been lining up since Saturday in the cold with just one aim: to kiss a glass-covered reliquary that they believe holds the Virgin Mary’s belt.

They shuffle along, waiting for up to 12 hours without complaint in a line that stretches for miles. Within a few days, the organizers say, the wait could reach 24 hours. At any given time there are about 25,000 people, according to news media estimates, and as of Wednesday morning, 285,000 true believers had earned their moment before the belt, said the St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation, which organized the tour…

Of all the industrial nations, perhaps only Russia outdistances the United States in the religiosity of its people, two million of whom venerated the belt before its final stop in Moscow…

We came so that we will live well, be happy and healthy, for the sake of our children,” said Anna Kozlova, 68, a pensioner who joined the end of the line late Tuesday night with her daughter Oksana Kulikova, a nurse, wrapped, like her mother, in fur against the cold.

She said she planned to head straight to work after venerating the relic at the towering Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which has been open around the clock…

Moscow’s city government closed streets around the cathedral — causing those Muscovites not so inclined to venerate relics to rant about the even-worse-than-usual traffic jams. Mobile canteens were set up to feed the pilgrims, and heated city buses lined the embankment to offer respite from the cold. A free bus service is shuttling provincial visitors to train stations…

Next – I hear someone is bringing in Jesus’ jockey shorts.

6 thoughts on “Virgin Mary’s Belt draws lines of True Believers in Moscow

  1. moss says:

    Like all superstitious people, the belief in someone in authority to solve your problems for you is foolish and unlikely to achieve a damned thing.

      • E Trams says:

        Or former Santa Fe Police Chief Gary Johnson.

        Or former Santa Fe District Attorney Henry Valdez.

        Or former Santa Fe Judge Francis Gallegos.

        Or former New Mexico Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil Giron.

        Or former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano.

        Or former Santa Fe Police Detective Eric Johnson.

        Or former Santa Fe Police Chief Bev Lennen.

        Or former US Attorney Greg Forratt.

        Or former US Attorney David Inglesias.

        Or former Congressman Tom Udall, now NM US Senator.

        Wow all these formers….who is next?

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