Vertical Food Gardens by The Windowfarms Project

Windowfarms let you grow fresh vegetables at home by taking advantage of natural light and climate control indoors. The roots are bathed in nutrients from the sea, preventing food plants from getting root bound (as they do in traditional soil filled containers). You get healthier roots, and fresher, more nutritious vegetables without dirt in small spaces.

By bringing edible gardens into living rooms and kitchens, you learn about where your food comes from while eating the freshest produce available…

This is a Kickstarter project and special offer.

The new Windowfarms systems are made from environmentally friendly plastic and wire. The new design allows us to offer Windowfarms at a greatly reduced price…It just snaps together, decreasing the assembly time from a full day to about ten minutes.

We are so excited about this simplified and lower cost option because it will allow us to include people in the windowfarms movement who just want to focus on the growing part. We believe in the power of our community to change the way that people grow and eat food.

If you order before November 30, you’ll receive your Windowfarm in March 2012.

Our new Windowfarms will not be ready to ship by the holidays, however, if you are pre-ordering as a gift, we will send a personalized welcome-to-the community card to your loved one before December 24. The card will include a link to a personalized webpage for his/her windowfarm. Your giftee will be able to begin customizing the page and learning about his/her window’s microclimate, going through Windowfarms 101, selecting plants, and meeting other windowfarmers. It’s like the Facebook game, Farmville, but tastier! By the time the windowfarm arrives, your loved one will be ready to grow for real!!

My mom built systems like this in our kitchen when I was a kid back in a New England factory town. It gave us a certain amount of fresh greens all winter long. Kept our meals healthy and a bit mellower till we got back to normal growing season for our Victory Garden.

Thanks, Ursarodinia

4 thoughts on “Vertical Food Gardens by The Windowfarms Project

  1. moss says:

    One of the wintering plants my mom would create for a south-facing window didn’t have edible leaves (I think) but looked great all winter. Take a sweet potato, use a corer to make a hole about halfway into the top of the critter and stick 3 nails around the belt line to hang it with string in the window. Keep water in the hole – and you get something like this:

  2. unnikrishnan says:

    cellulose of paper is also food for plants.dried vegitation is the back bone of bio farminggrow some wild plants that are able to grow easily for want of cellulose the food for edible plants

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