Thumbs up for toe swap operation!

A man has praised surgeons after his missing thumb was replaced with one of his toes.

Fisherman Donald Gunn lost his right thumb while at sea when his hand got caught in rope. Surgeons at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary used the second toe from the Caithness man’s left foot.

He said: “The difference it has made to me already is unbelievable. I am delighted with the result and cannot thank the team enough.”

Consultant plastic surgeon Amir Tadros had believed the toe transplant was a viable option. Mr Tadros said: “This is a very complex procedure but the difference it could make to Mr Gunn’s life convinced me it was worth trying.

“By using the second toe from his left foot we ensured that the patient’s balance wasn’t affected and the cosmetic appearance was almost the same as a normal foot…

He explained: “It’s a rare operation, it’s been around since the 60s, but is not very often done

Mr Gunn added: “It’s hard to explain the impact of losing my thumb had on my life. “It might only be a small part of the body but it’s only when you lose it that you realise how important it is.

Folks don’t need to study evolution and the progress brought by the opposable thumb to realize the value of that little bit of structure. Bravo to the physicians and surgeon involved in aiding Donald Gunn.

One thought on “Thumbs up for toe swap operation!

  1. She speaks.... says:

    I must say, if I lost a thumb and the doctors could replace it with one of my toes, I’d be all over that! But my first reaction when the picture came up was, “ewww…” I do most heartily agree with your “bravo” to the physicians and surgeons! It is amazing how far we have gone in such a short amount of time.

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