“MOVE YOUR DOMAIN DAY” inflexible – GoDaddy wins > losses!

GoDaddy gained more domains than it lost on Move Your Domain Day, a reaction to the company’s former support for the Stop Online Piracy Act. According to DailyChanges (via TechDirt), the combined domain transfers in and new registrations outstripped transfers out by a large margin. Still, the numbers were big enough for GoDaddy: the company went on record as opposed to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) midway through the day.

The GoDaddy boycott began December 21 on reddit (Ars’ sister site) in the face of GoDaddy’s support for SOPA, an act that has been derided by opponents for its potential to infringe on First Amendment rights. GoDaddy backed off its support of SOPA on December 23, but refused to make any statements actively opposing it. Midday Thursday, the company officially announced its opposition of the act in response to “a spike in domain name transfers,” said Warren Adelman, CEO of GoDaddy.

But the movement appears to have made fewer people think “I need a new domain host” than “that reminds me, I need to make a website”: 43,304 new domains were registered with GoDaddy…in the 24-hour period preceding 1am PST on December 30, while 14,492 were transferred out. 35,907 more domains were deleted, and 27,843 domains were transferred in, for a net gain of 20,748 domains…

Inflexible insurgent political movements end up being viewed as sectarian religions, vainglorious quests, by ordinary folks. That includes geeks.

Much like Greenpeace irrevocably attacking companies which actually lead movements of businesses concerned with environment and organize their peers into bodies which change working and living conditions – the Reddit/Occupy folks who organized Move Your Domain Day missed a chance to [1] claim victory on the spot; and [2] demonstrate gracious acceptance of that victory.

4 thoughts on ““MOVE YOUR DOMAIN DAY” inflexible – GoDaddy wins > losses!

    • eideard says:

      Dunno. The numbers are out there and available to tech journalists. If this were as significant as it could have been – either way would have sufficed – someone would look them up. Any geek market writer works for someone who buys the weekly book.

      Politics – especially insurgent politics is about strategy and tactics. Long-term goals, short-term confrontation and more. Little victories can lead to big ones. This was a chance at a little victory – gone begging.

      • MaryLupin says:

        Agreed that much of any potential long term effectiveness from this kind of grass roots insurgency is about strategy. Do you have an idea/plan of how it could have been handled differently given the reddit/ows community structure?

        • eideard says:

          What structure?

          That’s not just a smartass remark [for a change]. The whole movement relies heavily on the failed history of everything from 19th Century anarchists to the participatory democracy wing of SDS.

          It will continue to serve as a burr under the saddle of an increasingly-repressive government. The sum of the last two administrations + Congress. Sooner or later the best and brightest will build structured ongoing forms.

          There will be a few loonies whose violence will be used to slander the whole movement. The rest will retire to graduate studies and life as docile wage-earners with pleasant memories of the few months they spent standing up against the Establishment.

          I remain no less cynical – than I am optimistic that one of these waves of resentment will eventually produce a legitimate and independent 3rd Force outside the 2 tweededledeedum parties.

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