It’s halftime in America — and Chrysler says it, again!

There are beaucoup conservative politicians in this nation who – if they had their way at the start of the recession – would have kept anything like this commercial from ever being produced. Because Chrysler and General Motors and tens of thousands of American workers would have been shoved off the economic scoreboard.

But, our government came up with loans and aid, folks in the MidWest and around the country pulled together. The loans are being repaid. Cars are rolling out onto the highways, again. The American car industry and the people who work there weren’t allowed to die.

We get the same old 1930’s ideology every night on the news, in trite debates – from people who still don’t give a damn about American workers or American products. I wouldn’t vote for those losers even if they paid their taxes.

Keep on rocking in the Free World.

4 thoughts on “It’s halftime in America — and Chrysler says it, again!

  1. moss says:

    Used to be a time when the Republican Party had membership, leaders – some of them – who did more than pretend to be on the side of people who work for a living. In a way, this commercial tells me again why some of the best people in my family who were Republicans for decades have left that phony party.

    They still believe in the country – not just Wall Street pimps.

  2. moss says:

    Thanks – a year later – to Slim Shady for fighting for his home town and folks who work for a living in the factories of America. For proving a commercial can be political and there ain’t a whole helluva lot wrong with class warfare. It just depends which side you are on.

  3. rogerdengle says:

    Good Morning eidard,
    This was a very good catch. I’m assuming this commercial was played at half time last night during the Super Bowl? It’s a good commercial, and from the look of it I’d say Chrysler is trying to pull the country together in their minds and hearts. That’s not a bad idea. We need to come together, but I think we need to do some things that not too many people have considered yet, in that coming together.
    Recently a Bill has been proposed called OSTA, One Subject At A Time. This is only one example of a bill we need to make sure gets passed. It’s not a partisan bill. It doesn’t favor one party’s agenda over the other unless one party is more honest than the other. I, as a libertarian-hearted conservative, have my opinions on the honesty of political parties in general, but that’s not my point this morning.
    As for moss’s commentary, the point of Clint’s commercial was that we need to come together. You seem to be stuck in division mode. Drop the partisan agenda and just be yourself. Believe in what you believe without a party by-line. If “we the people”continue to allow the Democrat and Republican parties to form our words for us, we’re never going to “rally at half-time and win this thing”.
    I would love to be able to comment a little more on the commercial featuring Marshall B. Mathers III, but this comment is running a little long. Suffice it to say I’m surprised he was able to say the nine words he said without any profanity. I know he’s FROM Detroit, but do the people of Detroit want him speaking for them?
    Good post, eideard!

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