Someone watching over your child by webcam – besides you?

Montage of other peoples’ webcam images

Feeds from thousands of Trendnet home security cameras have been breached, allowing any web user to access live footage without needing a password. Internet addresses which link to the video streams have been posted to a variety of popular messageboard sites.

Users have expressed concern after finding they could view children’s bedrooms among other locations.

Trendnet says it is in the process of releasing firmware updates to correct a coding error introduced in April 2010. It said it had emailed customers who had registered affected devices to alert them to the problem.

However, a spokesman told the BBC that “roughly 5%” of purchasers had registered their cameras and it had not yet issued a formal media release despite being aware of the problem for more than three weeks…

“As of this week we have identified 26 [vulnerable] models. Seven of the models – the firmware has been tested and released…

Mr Wood added that the California-based firm estimated that “fewer than one thousand units” might be open to this threat in the UK, but could not immediately provide an exact global tally beyond saying that it was “most likely less than 50,000”.

Probably fewer than 1,000 and certainly fewer than 50,000. Sounds like casualty projections from the next US invasion of a smallish foreign land.

RTFA for lots of details, anecdotal information. Have one of these critters in your home? Turn the sucker off till you get a firmware update – and some geek site you trust says the update works.

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