New hope for older women having a baby using IVF

Older women hoping to conceive through IVF have been given new hope by research which shows age is not the key factor in the technique’s success. A study has found that some women aged 40 could have the same or better chances of having a baby via fertility treatment as a woman in her early thirties.

The findings will be used for a new test, which will assess up to 20 factors affecting fertility before giving couples a percentage rating of their chance of having a baby via IVF.

Although many of the factors which affect fertility are closely associated with ageing, biological age itself is not the best predictor of success or failure, according to the results of the study – which analysed the outcomes of more than 5,000 IVF treatments.

Measurements of hormone levels and the quality of embryos produced in the early stages of fertility treatment were found to give a better indication as to whether it would work, researchers said. Other factors, such as the thickness of the woman’s womb lining, her weight, lifestyle, the number of eggs produced by a woman under stimulation and the quality of the man’s sperm will all be used in new tests to assess the likely success of IVF…

Dr Mylene Yao…said: “After applying a sophisticated analysis programme to factors governing IVF success, we found that a woman of 40 could have the same or better chances of having a live baby as a woman in her early thirties.”

The former professor at Stanford University added: “This is a very important development as we want to get people away from thinking that probability is totally centred on age.

An important study for lots of folks. As much time as I spend battling for individual rights to choose what happens with your body and your life – because most of today’s conservatives and so-called libertarians would take away that right – there is a significant portion of our population equally patronized by nutballs who say you shouldn’t involve science in conception either.

What is it about this consistency in oppression?

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