The Nightman cometh — snowboarding in the dark in an LED suit

Night snowboarding usually equates to grueling pre-dawn slogs up backcountry routes or short, icy turns under stadium-like lights at small resorts. has put a new spin on those traditional forms of night riding. In this stunning piece of film, a unique LED suit is employed to turn the subject into a powder-slashing apparition.

Nowness describes itself as “the digital leader in luxury storytelling,” explaining that it attempts to convey inspiring stories of contemporary culture and lifestyle across many genres. In putting together a snow sports film, the site turned to filmmaker Jacob Sutton, a photographer and filmmaker more at home in fashion than sports. Sutton decided that he wanted to take an original approach to snowboard filming, something that’s getting more and more difficult to do in a genre that’s become overcrowded with film crews.

“I wanted to approach snowboarding in a more textural aesthetic way that felt more emotive and expressive,” Sutton explained on Facebook. “I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness.”

The one-of-a-kind LED light suit was designed by Flat Cat Productions. Because it was highly experimental, bespoke suit, it required a lot of testing to get right. In fact, an estimated 300 man hours were expended building, testing and fine-tuning the suit. In the end, they used strips of LED lighting powered by nickel-metal hydride batteries.

With the suit ready, Arctec pro snowboarder William Hughes got in front of Sutton’s lens in Tignes, France. Over the course of three nights, Sutton used a Red Epic video camera and snowmobile to capture footage of Hughes lighting the night like a human torch.

Lovely stuff. I’ve spent some special time at night in the snow, alone.

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