28-year-old sex education book banned in Malaysia

Malaysia has banned the sale of a children’s sex education book written by a British author 28 years ago, saying its contents “could threaten moral values”.

It had on Tuesday ordered bookstores to suspend sales of “Where did I come from?” by Peter Mayle, pending further investigations.

The 44-page illustrated book published in 1984 aims to help parents explain to children such topics as sex, conception and birth.

Malaysia’s Home Ministry said in a statement that the book was deemed harmful to society after critics complained it contained graphic illustrations. “The home ministry today has decided to ban the book … because it contained elements which could threaten moral values and is offensive to the public,” Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi, deputy secretary-general of security said.

Abdul Rahim warned that those who breached the order risked being jailed for up to three years.

Actually, the book probably could be 280 years old and it would still be banned in Malaysia. Does anyone expect theocrats to allow citizens access to real information about useful topics?

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