Killer had his pop and girlfriends cash his unemployment checks

A convicted murderer awaiting trial in the Los Angeles County jail system had family cash $30,000 in unemployment checks…

Anthony Garcia’s father and two girlfriends reportedly cashed those checks, $1,600 a month, and also deposited money in his jail account and that of other gang members. His father, Juan Garcia, 47, and girlfriends, Sandra Jaimez, 45, and Cynthia Limas, 25, were charged with unemployment fraud…

It is illegal to receive unemployment benefits while in jail, according to California’s Employment Development Department, but it is unclear whether Garcia could be convicted of a fraud-related crime as the money was deposited into his account.

Garcia was charged with the murder because he had a detailed murder scene inked on his chest. A detective investigating a 2004 murder case was looking through snapshots of tattooed gang members – who are photographed with their shirts off so that police may catalogue their tattoos – when he came across Garcia’s tattoos. Garcia had been photographed after being picked up for a traffic stop.

Garcia’s tattoo spans his chest and bears the words, “RIVERA KILLS” above a liquor store lined with Christmas lights. There, John Juarez, 23, was gunned down. Rivera is a reference to the gang, Rivera-13.

Garcia was booked, and sheriff’s detectives disguised as gang members coaxed a confession out of Garcia in his cell.

Did anyone expect a scumbag to stop behaving like a scumbag because he was in jail?

Did anyone expect the scumbag’s scumbag family and firneds to stop behaving like scumbags because he was in jail?

Does anyone in LA County civil service ever check on scumbags continuing to act like scumbags?

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