Did you drop your cellphone into the trash chute? Go in after it!

BTW – Amanda never did recover her phone

Stilettos have a reputation for causing injury…But for Amanda Still, who spent two hours trapped in a trash chute, her flip-flops proved to be just as hazardous.

She reached into the chute to try to rescue her cell phone which she had dropped while hoisting a bag in, but slipped, sending her flying down the shaft herself.

Still spent the next two hours uncomfortably wedged in among the rubbish before being hauled out by firemen at around 8am, who were alerted when a friend dialed 911 to report the unusual accident.

Still told Cbs Atlanta: ‘I tried to get it out with a broom and then it didn’t work so then I saw the phone. It was right there. I would never have fallen in, but I had on flip flops. They slipped, and I went all the way down.’

And she has the garbage to thank that she lived to tell the tale; the bags of waste broke her fall, stopping her going into the compactor itself, Dunwoody Police Sgt. Fidel Espinoza said.

Firefighters worked for an hour to take the chute apart so that they could free the ill-fated teen.

I haven’t any homily or dicho to offer. I’m just glad I needn’t offer this post for a Darwin Award.

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