Filled with fear — Cheney cancels Toronto speech

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has canceled an April speaking engagement in Toronto, fearing for his safety, organizers announced Tuesday.

The arch-conservative Republican who served under President George W. Bush was scheduled to speak at the Metro Convention Center April 24…

Last September when Cheney was booked to speak in Vancouver, protesters marched and booed as he and guests arrived and police kept him in a hotel lockdown until crowds were dispersed.

…Both liberal and conservative Canadian media mocked Cheney’s decision to avoid speaking in Toronto.

The rightist National Post was scathing in an editorial: “Who knows what else might happen: He could be surrounded by socialist doctors and forced to undergo indoctrination on public healthcare,” the Post said. “Gay couples, who are allowed to marry under Canada’s perverse wedding laws, might block his way and kiss where he could see them.”

The liberal Toronto Star also pulled no punches: “Has Dick Cheney been reading about how all the mean ‘pinkos’ up in Toronto treat their right-wing politicians? Or is he just scared of Canadians in general?” the Star asked.

Like all of the owners of today’s Republican Party, Cheney is a coward and a liar. He fears nothing more than the voice of an outraged population. Democracy is anathema, a foreign plot – and anyone who dares ask for facts to justify government decisions must be a dangerous agent of change.

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