Puritan parents withdraw children from school because teacher has a summer gig as a model

Parents have withdrawn their children from an Italian primary school in protest at a teacher who poses for glamour calendars in her spare time.

Michela Roth, a 38-year-old American who has lived in Italy for years and has children of her own, often poses for glamour shoots during the summer holidays when she returns to the US. She has won several beauty contests, including Miss Mamma Italiana and Miss Culetto d’Oro (Miss Golden Bum), raising eyebrows in the tiny town of Castello di Serravalle near Bologna in northern Italy.

Four sets of parents have withdrawn their children from the primary school, which caters for one to five year olds, after Miss Roth posed for a Harley Davidson calendar.

“She’s too beautiful and I don’t want her teaching my son,” one indignant parent told the local newspaper.

What a dimwit!

But Miss Roth insists that parents who object are simply jealous and old-fashioned.

A photograph on her Facebook page shows her reclining on a couch wearing a see-through black negligee and high-heel shoes but she says there is nothing overly risqué about her modelling work…

“I’m always photographed in clothes, I’m never nude,” she told the local newspaper. “For me, being a model is a second job, and I do it especially during the summer when the school is shut. But I love being a teacher, that’s the main objective in my life. Those who know me can vouch for my professionality both as a teacher and a model…

An online poll conducted by the paper showed that the majority of readers were more sympathetic to the teacher than to the disgruntled parents – 83 per cent against 14 per cent, with three per cent who were unsure.

So, the newspaper sold a lot of papers, everyone in Castello di Serravalle got all excited for a day or two. Thoughtful people reflected on this tempest in a teapot – and supported the teacher’s right to have a summer job. Cripes – she’s not a criminal like Berlusconi.

One thought on “Puritan parents withdraw children from school because teacher has a summer gig as a model

  1. Reece Fowler says:

    I think withdrawing kids is a bit much. I can understand why the parents may be concerned, but that doesn’t mean she is not capable of teaching. The parents have gone too far, I think.

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