Birthers move further Right – sue over Romney eligibility

Undeterred by documentary evidence and repeated judicial rejection, a group of conspiracy theorists who say President Obama was born in Africa have sued the California secretary of state to demand that she verify the eligibility of all presidential candidates before putting them on the November ballot…

The lawsuit filed by Republican primary write-in candidate John Albert Dummett Jr., Markham Robinson of the American Independent Party of California and five others also alludes to “questions concerning the eligibility” of Mitt Romney to vie for the role of commander in chief. The birthers’ lawyer, Gary Kreep of Ramona, said Wednesday that his clients wanted the issue of Romney’s eligibility raised because of his parents’ long residency in Mexico…

The suit asks the court to order California Secretary of State Debra Bowen to verify the eligibility of all candidates before placing their names on state ballots, including those nominated by the two major parties that have traditionally attested to the eligibility of their nominees…

Kreep, who heads a group calling itself the United States Justice Foundation, was also the attorney who brought the 2009 suit against Obama by the Rev. Wiley S. Drake, a Buena Park minister who once called on his First Southern Baptist Church flock to pray for Obama’s death

There isn’t much in the article that most of us don’t know – including just how crazy these clowns are about conspiracy theories. True to the breed, no judicial response will satisfy their dementia other than acquiescence. That’s a consistency we expect from nutballs.

People who believe in demons and the AntiChrist as politicians can’t be expected to be in touch with reality. Even the corruption and cronyism we hold in contempt is either OK – if it’s sufficiently bigoted and anti-democratic – or a plot constructed by evil spirits and Beelzebub. That their support is considered necessary by an opportunist Republican Party is disgusting and probably worthy only of laughter when we get far enough down the path of history to look back in amazement at these fools.

One thought on “Birthers move further Right – sue over Romney eligibility

  1. Montana says:

    Could Mitt Romney be the first Anchor Baby? Mitt Romney’s Mexican father, hmmmmm…….Are the simple minded “BIRTHERS”, going to ask Romney for his birth certificate? For Obama, we all know this was never about a birth certificate, it’s about small minded people who hate African Americans and do not have the brains to review a President’s policy so they make something up.

    Lets be clear none of these dullards have won a case in the “U.S. Courts” against Obama, maybe in their simple minds (if they have any) but not in our “U.S. Courts”, so unless Birthers/ teabaggers, whatever you want to be called, win a court case, “We The People” will continue to see as dullards, liars or racist or maybe all three. Deal with that baby!

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