£10,000 bill after man kept pig in living room of council home

A council is attempting to trace a tenant who caused thousands of pounds of damage to a house after keeping a pig inside the property.

Housing staff from Derby County Council found the Gloucester Old Spot roaming around the bottom floor of the property in Kingsley Street, Sinfin, Derbsyhire, when they went to evict the tenant following complaints from neighbours.

The carpets were muddied and covered in droppings, and rooms were so full of boxes of junk that officials could not get into them.

It is thought the pig had been kept at the house for a year.

Derby Homes, which is responsible for managing council houses in the city, said the cost of repairing the damage caused to the property would be between £10,000 to £15,000.

When housing officials and the RSPCA turned up to evict the tenant on March 15 after gaining an eviction notice from court, the tenant took the pig away. Council officials are now trying to trace his whereabouts. The tenant, I presume.

Maria Murphy, director of housing and customer service at Derby Homes, said: “This is a disgraceful waste of money, caused by a tenant who failed to show respect for this property or his tenancy agreement.

“The individual will not be eligible for housing with Derby Homes in the future.”

My wife still wants to know the pig’s name?

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