Newt Gingrich’s healthcare think tank is like the rest of Republican ideology — Bankrupt!

A healthcare think tank founded by Newt Gingrich has filed for bankruptcy, piling further humiliation on the Republican presidential hopeful following the virtual collapse of his campaign.

In the interim between resigning as Speaker of the House in 1998 and announcing his bid for the presidency last year, Mr Gingrich set up a number of businesses, including the Gingrich Group, a healthcare advisory company.

Records show that that the business, which was at the heart of a collection of Gingrich-run firms referred to as ‘Newt, Inc.’, filed for bankruptcy in Atlanta on Wednesday. The company, also known as the Centre for Health Transformation, owed debts of between $1 million and $10 million to a group of fewer than 100 creditors…

Stefan Passantino, a lawyer for Mr Gingrich’s campaign, said the financial collapse did not happen while the candidate was in charge and would not harm his presidential ambitions.

“If anything, it shows the importance of his leadership while he was there,” he told the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Give me a break!

In reality, Mr Gingrich’s campaign has all but surrendered with the former Speaker rarely venturing far beyond the television studios and the Washington DC area.

His phony fronts for lobbying are as worthless as the lies he told of advising Congress and corporations about history. Gingrich’s understanding of history, his “dedication” to providing improvements in American healthcare are constructs designed to look programmatic – and serve only one purpose: to enrich the corporations that profit from providing healthcare. Regardless of the quality and true value of that product.

2 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich’s healthcare think tank is like the rest of Republican ideology — Bankrupt!

  1. exult49 says:

    Bravo Ed.
    Unfortunately media & politics in your country avoid to say an elementary truth. National Health Care systems are definitely less expensive and more productive for the general care. Among the 26 OCSE countries , the US are at the bottom of this list ; France, Nederlamd, Italy on the top.
    Not to mention the infant mortality where the US score is equal to Bangladesh.
    When 1/3 of american citizens (100 milion) are without coverage, talking about health care is an euphemism!
    Good life to you folks

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