LA Sheriff’s officer freed con to give him golf lessons

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s captain is under investigation, suspected of springing a prisoner from jail to get free tips on his golf swing.

The lessons from Frank Carrillo, a convicted jewel thief with a reputation as an expert golfer, allegedly took place on a course on Catalina Island, where Carrillo was serving a sentence on charges of theft, including stealing during a golf match a World Series ring that belonged to former Dodgers catcher Jimmy Campanis and a Rolex watch.

Acccording to a claim from sheriff’s deputy William R. Cordero, Capt. Jeff Donahue “illegally transported (inmate Frank) Carrillo to a local golf course where he was given golf lessons by Carrillo.”

The claim says that the captain had “Carrillo’s prison yellow jumpsuit and wristband removed … then had Carrillo outfitted in civilian golf clothes including a polo shirt and Docker pants…”

Donahue, who is part of the sheriff’s force at Avalon that polices California’s Catalina Island, is on medical leave. He did not immediately return a call…seeking comment.

NSS. Egregious crap like this tends to happen within local politics’ Good Old Boy network. Certainly likely to exist in long-term bureaucracies like the police in Los Angeles County.

Predictably, the whistleblower – William Cordero – has been threatened, harassed, transferred and not promoted as the response from the Sheriff’s Department. Ain’t life special in the Free World?

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